Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Shindig: Another Fine Craftsman (& woman!) at One Of A Kind Show

Make no mistake.  There's little that feeds the soul like pushin paint & crafts.  Doing what you love, free of the binds that come with meeting the bottom line for some other prospector...well there just aren't words for that kind of joy.  You just gotta experience it for your self, I reckon.  'Suppose that's why I not only get fired up about things going on here at The Urban Art Farm, but why it gives me such a darn good feeling to see what other good men and women are doing too!  

 Yesterday I shared with you the outstanding work of Houston based artist Stephanie Rubiano. 

Today, I'd like to introduce you to two other fine art farmers and fellow craft folk.  Meet Matt & Cynthia Shapoff.  The talented team from Long Island, NY of  Hand Made on Peconic Way combine eco-friendly methods with elements plucked right out of the woods and vintage images to create a whole bushel of lovely items.  Cards, prints, name it.  Pretties for your person and pretties for your pad.  Their "supermarket" is chock full of natural beauties!  So, please...head on over and start shoppin! 

And be sure to check back in later today!  (Drum roll, please!)  You guessed it...or maybe not.  This years hand crafted holiday ornament designs from yours truly will be revealed!  Bye-Golly!

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