Sunday, September 25, 2011

Exciting News! SEA CLIFF SALON

Exciting news for folks here on the eastern homestead! The Urban Art Farm is hitting the road, actually the rails, and heading to Long Island!

I’m packing my satchel with all new work for a two day pop-up Sea Cliff Salon.  Located in the charming village of Sea Cliff in the town of Oyster Bay, L.I. on the North Shore, the fall festivity is happening on Saturday & Sunday, Oct. 1st & 2nd from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm. at 361 Glen Ave. at the corner of Glen Ave & Park Pl.

My fellow friendly farmers & I will be serving up hot apple cider, nibbles and genuine, artisanal original art made right here in the USA!  All of this on a lovely autumn day in New York.

Bayberry Bush in the Dunes, 2011

C. The Bottle Project

This is a ripe opportunity to see recently harvested work…paintings, vessels from The Bottle Project and more!  Like it or not, the holidays are on the horizon and wouldn’t it be grand to get an early start?  Really folks…who likes to shop in desperation, snatching up pity presents at the last minute?  Not this farmer!

Questions? Just whistle. I can be reached at 917-710-5965   

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Those Magnificent Marks

I can't speak for other farmers, but I can tell you this creative cropper, on occasion, spends hours, even days, searching for just the right mark; the task of making that perfect, authentic simple swipe of creamy color.

  Bold or not. It's a heap tougher than it looks.

Now, I'm a modern man with modern moods, but expressing those moods with strokes...well, it just doesn't come that easily.  One moment a farmer can feel tall and strong as a mighty oak, the next he can be as crabby as a crab apple.  It's a thorny adventure.  A prickly game of persistent work...and plumb luck.

When it comes right down to it, I can be mighty hardheaded, stubbornly pushing paint where it doesn't belong.  (And there's plenty of awful evidence of those pieces in the cellar!)  But then my softer side comes out and I give in and let the painting push back.  Gotta chuck the ego, I suppose.  In a peculiar way, you might say I leave myself.  Take a little road trip.

Central Park Pathway, 2010

But when we get along, the paint and me, the result is "Bingo!"  It's a golden moment.  And by golly, right there in those magnificent marks, those swirls of yummy brushwork, I catch a hint of myself.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Essence of Land and Sea

Town Hall, Provincetown, 2011
Yes, this Yankee Farmer has deep Heartland roots, but it is the briny breezes of Cape Cod, where, at its very tip a sliver of land slips into the sea, that beckon me to join it.  Each year this tiny fishing village, rich in whaling lore and legend, seduces me away from my creative crops in the city.  

There is something inherently peculiar about a people that settle on a spit of land that is anything but settled.  Folks that make this pilgrimage shutter the clutter of modern society and realign their senses to what is truly a miraculous dialogue.  

Cape Cod, 2011
Twice a day, heaven & earthly elements commune and tidal marsh is the stuff of conversation between sea and salt and land and air and moon and stars.

Along its belching, bubbling banks, I scoop the frothy mix, collecting the essence of land and sea and for a moment, there between my mortal hands, oceans of time gather, swell and sink.  In that moment a wondrous journey drains between the lattice of my flesh and blood.  A journey traversed between the brightest solar highs and the blackest canyon depths.