Friday, May 24, 2013

There is something about the spring.  This farmer has seen plenty come and go and I can tell you there is a reliable certainty I have come to trust.  Fresh ideas and hearty hard work are just as guaranteed as those eager daffodils. And each year, The Farm likes to get neighborly by moving closer to the kinfolk and the great outdoors.  The sign is hung out, the easel set up and friends come a-callin.  As a friendly passerby put it, "Why it's just like seein the first robin of spring...when you bring your work outside!"


Summer Evenings on the Farm

At this time of year, my mind wanders back to boyhood summer evenings bathed in golden-green twilight.  Even now, I can hear the hipnotic drone of the cicadas and the tap of June bugs on the back screen door.  And just as melon juice dripped down my chin, so too would that sweet apple sunlight sink beneath the horizon.  I hope this new painting beckons you to wander, too!

"Summer Field" oil on canvas