Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Bovine Beauty! Another Urban Cow

"Urban Cow #3" by Michael Letzig

The Urban Art Farm is pleased to introduce to you another beautiful bovine!  Freshly painted in a bold, expressive palette against a cityscape and "farm friendly priced" at 800 dollars, this beguiling Urban Cow measures 24" wide x 30" high (unframed) and is painted in oil on stretched cotton canvas. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Watchful Eye

"A Watchful Eye, #1" by Michael Letzig

The Farm is happily situated in the storied, historic village of Harlem in upper Manhattan.  And like most villages, it is gently governed by a civil servant, otherwise known as the Neighborhood Association President.  Some villages, like Harlem, are so populated, there is a President on every block!  Our Block President is a joyful character known to all folks simply as Jeanie.  Joyful Jeanie is a busy gal always coming & going, yet she makes time to pay a visit to The Urban Art Farm. 

On her last whirl-wind visit, Jeanie was caught by surprise by this friendly foul. And faster than you can say, "Here, chickee-chickee", he was off to keep a watchful eye on her.  Thank you kindly, Jeanie for acquiring this handsome little piece and for being our newest Honorary Art Farmer!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Urban Weathervane

"Urban Weathervane" by Michael Letzig

In a peculiar sort-of-way, I find urban rooftop structures modest, even humble. Though they are perched up high, they are down right friendly. Far above, water towers and the like are scattered all over the city and whenever I gaze upward, I get a little nostalgic for simple country living. To that end, this farmer has been inspired to experiment with some new ideas. Here, is one such endeavor I call "Urban Weathervane". Water towers lie low beneath the behemoth  whimsical whirl-a-gig.  It measures 31" wide x 41" high and is an original painting on loose canvas. It is farm friendly priced at just $300. If you might be interested in having your very own weathervane to watch over you, just blow a whistle!

Friday, May 24, 2013

There is something about the spring.  This farmer has seen plenty come and go and I can tell you there is a reliable certainty I have come to trust.  Fresh ideas and hearty hard work are just as guaranteed as those eager daffodils. And each year, The Farm likes to get neighborly by moving closer to the kinfolk and the great outdoors.  The sign is hung out, the easel set up and friends come a-callin.  As a friendly passerby put it, "Why it's just like seein the first robin of spring...when you bring your work outside!"


Summer Evenings on the Farm

At this time of year, my mind wanders back to boyhood summer evenings bathed in golden-green twilight.  Even now, I can hear the hipnotic drone of the cicadas and the tap of June bugs on the back screen door.  And just as melon juice dripped down my chin, so too would that sweet apple sunlight sink beneath the horizon.  I hope this new painting beckons you to wander, too!

"Summer Field" oil on canvas

Friday, November 9, 2012

Another Homestead Painting

The Farm has produced another fine little Homestead painting for you to enjoy!  This handsome landscape painting measures 12"w x 9"h, is made of the finest oil paints on Canson canvas paper and is all set for framing to your desire.  Just give a yodel if you want to know more!  917-710-5965

Homestead Painting, M. Letzig, 12"w x 9"h, o/c

Friday, October 5, 2012

I Do Declare!

I reckon there is no short supply of chores and things to get done around one's own homested.  But it's only once a year that in these parts all creative kinfolk open their doors to warmly welcome citizens, villagers, neighbors and culture crawlers from near and beyond!

And The Urban Art Farm is no exception.  This weekend, Oct. 6th & 7th, from 10:00 am  until the cows come home the pretties & paintings will be on display for viewin and vyin during the Harlem Artist Walking Tour. 

(mind you, the rest of the tour opens at noon)

Remember, these lovelies are at farm friendly prices because we strongly believe original artwork grown locally belongs in every household.  Why?  Because art can build, bridge, restore, rejuvenate, inspire, teach, train and just downright feel good.  And who doesn't want that?
Because we are up-to-date farmers, we accept major credit cards, (visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover).  And cash!  You betcha!

Now don't forget, the chance to bring a little inspiration to your homestead, or that of a neighbor's, only comes around once a year!

Where: 103 W. 119th St. (& Lenox Ave.) NYC
When: Sat. & Sun. Oct. 6th & 7th.
Hours: 10:00 am - until the cows come home
contact: 917-710-5965