Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Urban Weathervane

"Urban Weathervane" by Michael Letzig

In a peculiar sort-of-way, I find urban rooftop structures modest, even humble. Though they are perched up high, they are down right friendly. Far above, water towers and the like are scattered all over the city and whenever I gaze upward, I get a little nostalgic for simple country living. To that end, this farmer has been inspired to experiment with some new ideas. Here, is one such endeavor I call "Urban Weathervane". Water towers lie low beneath the behemoth  whimsical whirl-a-gig.  It measures 31" wide x 41" high and is an original painting on loose canvas. It is farm friendly priced at just $300. If you might be interested in having your very own weathervane to watch over you, just blow a whistle!

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