Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Urban Art Farm is Born Again!

It's Autumn! That means it's Harvest Time! The Urban Art Farm is Born Again after a long, hot summer of seedin and weedin. New pieces to share, new ideas to discuss and of course...the coffee's brewin!!

First on the horizon, I'd like to share with you my latest crafty creation: The Bottle Project.

But lets go back, good reader.

It was just last summer, yet it seems so long ago. The space that is the filling between the "then" and the "now" can be mighty perplexing.

It was a scorcher that late summer afternoon. A real sizzler. The sun crawled from the rooftops on the east to the rooftops on the west and the symphonic drone of the cicadas intensified. All was still. Seemed every conceivable critter was just plum tuckered out. Except for those singin cicadas. What a lovely chorus!

I sat on my little art farm ledge to survey the park across the street. The mercury
continued it's unforgiving ascent. The beading on my brow suggested it was time to find Salvation so I bowed to Santo Corona like a good christian farmer. I was so filled with the Spirit, bowed I remained. And there, good reader, a divine idea was born!
It occurred to me it seemed a waste to throw such a fine bottle into the recycle bin. It has such potential! So I decided to paint it and give it new life! And holy hops a handsome vessel was born!

Each brew bottle is sterilized, hand sanded, spray primed several times,
hand painted in custom art farm colors, dried, resanded and sprayed again with a protective matte varnish.
The final result is a super smooth muted finish. Whew! That’s a lotta work! I think it’s time to bow once again! You support the arts. The artist supports Salvation. Everyone supports the economy and it’s a win-win for all!

The Big Guy stands 11” tall by 3” in diameter. The Mighty Ms. measures 9 ½” tall by 2 3/8” in diameter and The Kid comes in at 8” tall by 2” in diameter. The natural palette includes subtle variations of olive greens, ochres, umbers, pale blues and grays. They make a handsome family all together, but if your short on space you can order just one or two of your liking.

NOT DISHWASHER SAFE! To clean, I would suggest simply dusting with a dry cloth. I would not use household cleaning sprays like Pledge. Due to the one-of-a-kind hand crafted nature of the work, pieces will vary slightly from the examples in the photo.

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