Monday, November 22, 2010

This Weeks Shindigs

It's true.  There is no shortage of jaw dropping color and inspiration outside these days.  This just might be my favorite time of year here on the Metro Homestead.  I confess.  I recon I'm just as guilty as the next Huck Finn.  Some days the call of Ma Nature is just too strong and before you know it, I'm playin hooky from my own paintin studio.  Some days I have to put down the brush, grab my picture-taker and go huntin.
While there's plenty to see outside, there's plenty to find indoors too.  This past week I had the pleasure of  popping into a few openings to check out what some of my fellow art farmers have been up to. 

On Fri., the 12th, I stopped by 2/20 Gallery to take in the work of Charlie Clingman.  I'm not sure how this SoCal kid found his way to these parts, but I'm glad he did.  Charlie's current exhibit, "Paintings from California" show two very different approaches to his interpretation of the landscape.  On the western wall of the gallery hung more literal, story-book pieces while the eastern wall sported much larger (roughly 4' x 4') swirly, wild n wooly wonders. The monochromatic, layers were captivating and had me scratching my whiskers.  The show runs through Nov. 27th.

On Sat., the 13th, I followed the flock to Central Park.  You never saw such color!  It's mighty peculiar.  I found myself both incredibly calmed and excited and spirited all at the same time.  I gobbled up all of this inspiration and took it back to the studio!

On Wed., the 17th, I headed to The Puck Building in Soho to see the latest work of my friend Pepe Villegas.  Pepe's current solo exhibition is titled "fol klo ri can" and showcases his passion for bright & bold, curvaceous compositions.  The paintings have a rich Latin flavor and the largest horizontal piece made me think of Picasso's Guernica but without the heavy-handed, war torn weight.  Also shown is a series of  portraits painted with a thick, creamy impasto.  The show runs through Jan. 31st, 2011.

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  1. Thanks Michael for the posting.
    It was a delight to see you in the opening reception.
    I look forward to see your latest creation.