Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Last weekend, October 15 & 16, I had the pleasure of participating in the annual Harlem Open Artist Studio Tour!  The weekend long event, now in its sixth year, gives local artists the chance to show off their hard work; to welcome culture crawlers into the neighborhood and get to know one another.
Being that my exhibit was held at my personal place of residence, and further being that I hang my hat in that residence on a higher floor of a brownstone, I just reckoned it might be neighborly to bring my exhibit on down to the folks in the street.  

It occurred to me, I've always had a soft spot for a front porch.  It says, "come and sit a spell."  Unfortunately, In these parts, you won't find many porches.  So, I figured, let's just throw open these big 'ole brownstone doors and mount us an Art Farm exhibit right in the vestibule...sort of build ourselves our own front porch.  And I'll be a mule's fool...the folks just strolled right up and paid us a visit.  Why some even paid for paintings! 

I hung some of my personal favorites, landscapes and such.  But I also introduced some new, non-landscape, pieces. A handful of barnyard beauties like roosters & hens & cows. (Now, alright...cows ought not be in the barnyard.  But this is New York and space is limited!)

This porch could not have been open for business if it weren't for the very fine neighbors who also hang their hats here.  They were all so supportive and enthusiastic, it made this farmer feel mighty warm & welcome.  So great big Thanks go to Honorary Farmers Marc, Paul, Taylor, Kim, Carleton & Vin and Heidi.  And a special thanks to the Farm's Resident Shutterbug, Eric.


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