Monday, January 30, 2012

What Joy

For all Art Farmers on this Monday...

What Joy. What Thrill.  To wake in the morning. To wake in the knowing. To know in the lying. The lying ahead. Ahead lies a thrill. A thrilling ahead.  A thrill so big.  So bold.  

A big, bold thrill waiting to happen.  Waiting and wanting.  Wanting to happen.  Waiting for taking.  A thrilling event.  An event drawing breaths.  Big and Drawn.  Drawn to Happen.  It happens to be a drawing event.  

Drawing closer.  Drawing forward.  Drawing towards.  Drawn to.  Drawn to make.  Drawn to mold.  Drawn to shape and Drawn to share.  Oh, to see. Oh, I see.  Oh, I see so much to share.  What Joy to wake in the morning!  

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