Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Graphite Paintings at Daybreak

Daybreak.  I love this hour. It's groggy, yet breathes with clarity.  It's soft, hazy, poetic.  All-nighters & early-risers momentarily share the city.  Too tired to be awake and too awake to fall asleep, this farmer knows both states well.

I found myself enchanted by daybreak this year.  For reasons I'm not quite certain, I was drawn to draw early summer mornings.  Mark making was an endeavor I wrongly underestimated for years.  Be it intimidation or plain ignorance, it was akin to house cleaning on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  A chore.

Then I pondered, "You hard headed farmer! You're going about this all wrong.  Why not consider drawing a form of painting...a task you know well; one that brings a great deal of joy to you?"  And from then on, I took a look around with different eyes. 
At daybreak, I'd grab a hand full of finely tuned pencils, a sketchpad and a heap of enthusiasm and head straight to the park to begin my new project in earnest.  Graphite Paintings.  Right here you'll see what I saw...when I took a look around.


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