Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Show!

One can not deny the fragrant crispness that autumn brings to the homestead.  Even though the season marks an end to the long days & warm breezes of summer, the spectacular show that is Fall is an ample reward. 

It is at this time, each year, the creative farmers in the northern territory of Manhattan open their doors to show and sell the labors they have been committed to over those long days. 

The Urban Art Farm is no exception.  One week from now, next weekend on Oct. 6th & 7th,  the Farm warmly welcomes you to come a callin.  New paintings, drawings and an assortment of other pretties will make their debut.  All lovingly cultivated right here on local land.

The annual Harlem Art Walking Tour happens Sat. Oct. 6th & Sun. Oct. 7th.  And while the tour officially begins at noon, we farm folk are early risers, so feel free to pay a call anytime after 10:00 am.  103 W. 119th St. & Lenox Ave.  The Farm is conveniently located right off of the 2/3 Express train stop at 116th & Lenox.  Simply exit the train point your walking stick forward & saunter up 3 blocks & turn left.  There you are!

And yes, the smell of cash is as sweet as honeysuckle, however, because farmers are so darn accomodating, credit cards are gladly accepted on site, as well as paypal & intuit payment network.

Hope to see you next weekend!

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